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FAQs for Applicants

How much is the application fee?

$35 Single person $60 Married couple

What credit score do you require to be to be approved?

Citi-Wide Property Management does not use a specific credit score to qualify tenants, as there are many factors that affect the score like student loans, medical debt, bankruptcy, etc. We look at the overall credit. Do you pay your bills on time? Do you have any evictions on your record? Do you owe another landlord or utility company?

How long does it take to process my application?

We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application with a decision. We don’t make contact on weekends or holidays. If this would be the case, we will contact you the following business day.

How long of a lease do you require?

We typically require a 1 year lease. However, our goal is to have all of our properties occupied during the winter months, therefor we may offer shorter lease option depending on time of the year.

How do I hold a unit?

Once your application has been approved, a signed lease and paid deposit will hold the unit for 30 days.

What do I need to move in?

Signed lease, Paid in full deposit, Utilities in your name (if applicable), and the first month’s rent. If you are moving in after the 1st of the month – The rent is prorated to a daily rate.

Are utilities included in the rent?

You can find this information in the description of the property as each unit varies.

Is the security deposit refundable?

All paid security deposits and pet deposits are refundable after move out, as long as there is no damage to the unit or money owed for rent or other charges. When you move out, you will receive a checklist to help you get your full deposit back.

Do you allow pets?

Our pet policies vary from property to property, as some owner do not allow pets, while others do with some restrictions. It is always best to ask upfront when applying so there is no misunderstanding on the criteria for a specific property you are applying for.

Do you charge pet rent or a pet deposit?

The limited properties that allow pet do charge a $50 per month pet rent and a $500 pet deposit.

Who pays maintenance repairs?

Typically the landlord is responsible for maintenance repairs, however, in some situation the repairs needed are caused by the tenant and in this case, that would be the tenants responsibility